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ACCUCUT-GOLD is a division of NODMAN Automation Systems. NODMAN Automation Systems was established in 1995 providing custom manufacturing, automation and integration solutions to metalworking and woodworking industries located throughout North America.

The ACCUCUT-GOLD product line was established to meet demand for high accuracy, high quality, and cost effective linear positioning systems for use in metalworking and woodworking industries. Our system has been integrated in large scale CNC machining and sawing centers as well as small single saw applications.

Our systems have been used for positioning and cutting steels, extruded aluminum, wood, fiberglass, and plastics. ACCUCUT-GOLD can be used with drilling systems, shears, brake fences, saw fences, iron workers, punches etc., any process where long feed stock needs to be positioned accurately for cutting, drilling, etc.

If you have a specialized application call today and speak with one of our experienced engineering staff.

How to Contact Us

Call us on our TOLL FREE LINE. Available in the US and CANADA.


Our regular business hours are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm E.S.T.

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P.O. Box 279
Rockwood, Ontario, N0B 2K0

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