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What is it ?

ACCUCUT GOLD is a digital linear positioning system that can be used with any machine you need to make accurate cuts with.

It can be used as a Saw Stop; a Stock Feeder; an Optimizing Cutting System; a Saw Fence; a Positioning System; a FULLY Automated Cutting System.

ACCUCUT GOLD is the professionals choice for making accurate, fast, and repeatable cuts. Whether you need to make 1 cut or 1000 cuts, ACCUCUT GOLD gives you the right cut the first time. Our system will allow you to position and cut your linear stock to one thousandth (0.001") of an inch or one tenth (0.1mm) of a millimeter, at speeds of up to 4300 inches per minute!

We stock ACCUCUT GOLD in standard lengths of 4, 6, 12, 16, and 24 feet. Need a special length? Special application? Call our TOLL FREE line and speak to our experts TODAY.

ACCUCUT GOLD can be attached to any saw, shear, mill, drill or cutting system. The built in computer gives you an addition 10 channels of DIGITAL I/O to interface and control valves, cylinders, switches, etc. Our system is EASY TO USE and EASY TO READ with our HUGE COLOR LCD DISPLAY.

Our system is INDUSTRIAL TOUGH. We use only premium quality, North American sourced components. And we back our products with a Lifetime Warranty.

How does it work?

Use ACCUCUT GOLD as your saw fence. You can attach it to the in-feed or out-feed of your saw.


Put your stock material between the pusher and the saw. Enter your length or use a cutlist. Cut. ACCUCUT GOLD feeds your stock automatically - fast and accurate. The finished parts are located at the out-feed of your saw. Do you have miter cuts or kerf? NO PROBLEM! ACCUCUT GOLD remembers for you so you don't have to.


Enter your measurement in mm or inches. Feed your stock to the pusher. Cut. No need to measure and re-measure. You can rely on ACCUCUT GOLD to give you the perfect cut, the first time.


Enter your cut list and give it a REAL, meaningful name. Enter your stock length. Cut your parts! It's that easy. Our state of the art computer instantly gives you the best sequence of cuts to minimize scrap based on your stock length.

What are the benefits?

Nobody want's to throw away money. Without ACCUCUT GOLD you may be doing just that.

Put us head to head with your best craftsman. Anybody will cut like a pro with ACCUCUT GOLD. No special training required. And we'll do the job 40% faster. With less scrap and waste. It's like cash in the bank.

Are you looking at a Stop system? Do you need to replace your old one or upgrade but are discouraged by high prices and hidden add-ons? Worried about getting parts from the foreign competition? Call us and we'll show you why ACCUCUT GOLD has the best technology at reasonable prices on the market today. We guarantee it.

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