ACCU-CUT GOLD lets you improve cutting quality and reduce your cutting costs.
Don't settle for outdated, overpriced technology.
ACCU-CUT GOLD is the premier linear positioning and measurement system.

Do you need a digital linear positioner? A digital stop? Digital tape measure?
ACCU-CUT GOLD performs all these functions and includes a cutlist optimizer,
ethernet networking and digital I/O.

ACCUCUT GOLD is a professional grade, industrial strength, automation tool which allows you to make accurate cuts in wood, steel, aluminum, fiberglass, plastic - any material that comes in linear lengths (i.e. stock materials, anodized extrusions, panels, boards) which need to be cut while minimizing waste and minimizing materials handling. ACCUCUT GOLD is heavy duty and can be used in wet cutting applications, unlike our competitor's like Tigerstop and Omga. Don't waste money on outdated, hard to learn, difficult to use technolgy. Unlike Tiger stop, we let you use real names for your cutlists, not just a number between 1 and 999. Do you want a simple way to optimize your yield? Minimize scrap? Forget having to learn about "weighted best fit polynials". What the heck is that??? You better get good at that if you plan on buying a Tigre Stop. With ACCUCUT GOLD, just key in your stock length and ACCUCUT GOLD gives you FAST, PRECISION CUTS. Let ACCUCUT GOLD keep track of Kerf width, measuring the part before or after the saw.
ACCUCUT GOLD is your solution for accurate,
fast and easy to use linear measurement
and positioning tools.

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